Track your website's keyword placements in the three major search engines. Google, Bing and Yahoo rankings updated daily.

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Track keyword placement in all three search engines

...automatically, every day.


  • Google, Bing and Yahoo - Checked daily.
  • Full SERP Results - All of the top 100+ results reported for every keyword.
  • URLs Report - All pages ranked for a keyword are listed and detailed.
  • Social Share Tracking - Tracking for social signals on all ranked pages.
  • Keyword Discovery - Keywords you're not tracking but ARE ranking for.
  • SERP Competition Analysis - Find out who your neighbors are.
  • Competition Ranking - Rankings to relative competitors over time.

Feature Details

Track search engine placement for multiple keywords and websites.

Keyword placements are updated every day for each keyword at each search engine (Google, Bing and Yahoo).

Also included in the daily updates are website Alexa ranking and Google Page Rank data as well as each ranking urls Social Sharing data.

Serptracker allows you to track your website's placement in the search results for all of your keywords. Enter your website address, and a list of keywords and that's it...the software will take over from there.

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All results from the SERPs are reported, yours and other.

Each page your website ranks for within a keyword result set is highlighted in Serptracker. Not just the first result like most other keyword position tracking systems.

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Full SERP Results

Serptracker also shows you the FULL result from the search engine, not just your websites result. You can also manually refresh a keyword, adding it to the queue to be checked again if you feel there is an error in the ranking.

All ranked pages listed for each keyword

Full listing of each page that ranks for a keyword

Most keyword position tracking tools will provide you with the URL that's actually ranking for the specified keyword, but will they show you all the URL's that are ranking? Serptracker provides a detailed list of each URL that ranks for each keyword at each search engine.

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Ranked page discovery

Serptracker will even show you pages that are ranking for keywords you're not tracking with the keyword discovery feature detailed above.

Social signal tracking for every ranked page

Each ranking URL is checked every day. Know how many Tweets, Likes or Diggs each URL is getting on a daily basis. Visualize the data with a graph over time including all social signal types.

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Track Daily

  • Tweets
  • Facebook Shares
  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Comments
  • LinkedIn Posts
  • Reddit
  • Diggs
  • Pinterest Pins

Keyword Discovery!

Identify pages and keywords you didn't even know you ranked for...

If we're tracking a keyword for another campaign and a page from your website is ranking for the keyword, we'll let you know and give you the option to add it to your campaign.

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Competitor Analysis

Analyze the SERPs for competitors and related websites

Serptracker will analyze the search engine search results for the most commonly occurring results in a keyword group, displaying the most popular results along with their average rankings, number of pages indexed for those keywords and the number of keywords in the top 10 results for each search engine.

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Website Overview

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Keyword Detail:

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